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Winner of the AVK World Water Award


To celebrate this year's World Water Day, AVK invited customers and partners to take part in a global case story contest. A contest that focuses on the importance of water, and on our shared way of contributing to a more sustainable development for our planet.

Among a row of case stories from around the world, the jury has chosen a story that in the best way fulfil the contest criteria; Aiming at living up to as many Sustainable Development Goals as possible, with no. 6 “Water and Sanitation for all” as a minimum, the jury also evaluated the aspects of safe water assurance and pollution avoidance, and to what degree AVK products are assisting in achieving these goals.

And, we can now proudly present our winner:
Project Director Mr. Omer Ozkan, for his exciting story about securing the invaluable historic city of Mardin, in the heart of the Mesopotamian plate, through the construction of two advanced waste water treatment plants.

Read Mr. Omer Ozkan’s inspiring story here,
and learn more about how his construction project is reducing pollution of both the city and the local Zergan river, helping to restore the riverbed's natural habitat, and securing a solid future for Mardin and its residents, all while contributing to our common, global goals of a world with sustainable development.

We are looking forward to welcoming Mr. Ozkan to a fantastic Oyster Safari & Festival on the Danish island Fanoe, and with a celebrational visit to our AVK facilities in Galten, Denmark later this year.