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AVK in the Gulf

The AVK Group is one of the leading manufacturers of valves and fittings within the water, gas, waste water, industrial and fire protection industries worldwide and has 100+ companies globally.

AVK Gulf and Watecom International Water Network LLC operates in the Middle East as the representative office for all the companies within the AVK GROUP. As a member of the group we pride ourselves as our principals are in the approved vendor lists of several different local authorities including ADWEA, ADSSC, AADC, ADDC, ADNOC, ADM, TRANSCO, DEWA, FEWA & SEWA .PAW, HAYA, SSDC,WSD in Oman. MEW, MPW and PAHW in Kuwait .

At AVK we are committed to making business easy. We want to always be there, always be accessible and always be clear.




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Latest news

The big valve factory tour AVK Anhui Facility

Offering a factory tour is a great way of building and maintaining partnership, especially regarding complex products and projects.The global situation encourages us to think in alternatives, which led to our region’s first online live factory tour. Read more about it here.


Introduction to AVK

Get an introduction to AVK International with our factory tour video showing our approach to consistent high quality


Fusion Group and Watecom supplies in Abu Dhabi City Gas Project

 Fusion Group and Watecom supplies to ADNOC city gas project.
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AVK ORBINOX recommendation wins the Water Drainage Tunnel Project in Doha Qatar

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AVK Valves in multiple District Cooling Plants in UAE

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UK Water Utility trials the AVK Smart Waste water Air Valves

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Smart device cuts 90% energy usage

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The smart data driven application that took irrigation efficiency to the next level .

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