A Historic Win: The largest valve order secured to date in Egypt

Teamwork and dedication pay off with the largest order to date.

Future of Egypt, The Project

In April 2017, Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi gave directives on the immediate implementation of the ‘Egypt’s Future’ Project for Agricultural Production to provide high-quality agricultural products at reasonable prices for citizens and to export the surplus abroad.

A strategic plan to enhance the overall quality of life of the local population, foster economic growth, improve infrastructure, and support Egypt’s sustainable development goals. This flagship agricultural project under the “New Delta” Project aims to achieve self-sufficiency and export surplus, with a targeted reclamation area of 4,000 sq. km of the total New Delta covering an impressive 10,000 sq. km. The "New Delta" project covers the construction of a 114 km long artificial river through the Egyptian desert which aims to improve the agricultural sector in Egypt significantly, bridging gaps in various strategic crops and achieving food security. Further providing thousands of employment opportunities in different specializations, adding to the development efforts in the country.

Collaboration and Dedication proves to be the key to success

In 2023, AVK secured a contract worth + USD 20M for the transmission line and pumping stations within the "Future of Egypt" initiative. This ambitious project spanned over two years and required overcoming many challenges through close collaboration between AVK Gulf and AVK Anhui.

Presenting our capabilities

One of the first hurdles faced by AVK was convincing the Client, Water Department of the Armed Forces, and the Consultant, Hydro, to modify their specifications and accept valves manufactured in China by AVK Anhui. The original project requirement favoured European-origin valves and castings, providing an edge to our competitors, and potentially excluding AVK from the bid. Undeterred, the AVK Gulf team worked closely with AVK Anhui, presenting the technical and production capabilities of AVK.

They highlighted key product features that ensure minimal maintenance and an extended lifetime, further bolstering the proposal with a 10-year Warranty.Besides our capabilities, another key factor to the success of this project was having a trusted local partner like AVK’s agent in Egypt, ASL. They played a crucial role in organizing meetings with key stakeholders, allowing our technical expertise to be presented to the right audience. These efforts proved successful, leading to AVK securing the major tender in the 'Future of Egypt' Project against other leading valve manufacturers, with AVK Anhui specified as the chosen manufacturer.


Delivering Quality

AVK Anhui managed to live up to the high requirements for stainless steel welded seats and hydraulic actuation for the large-sized butterfly valves overcoming challenges. The first batch of orders has been successfully tested and approved by the Third-Party Inspector SGS and is currently in the shipping process.

Largest valve order for AVK: 

  •  84 Nos. Hydraulic operated combined check valves, DN2200
  • 161 Nos. Electric operated butterfly valve S756, DN2200/2400/2500

The first batch of orders, including 24 check valves and 34 butterfly valves, has already been released to AVK Anhui.

The complete lot is expected to be manufactured and ready by June 2024 - a remarkable achievement for AVK that confirms the strength of the Group’s broad capabilities within product expertise, production efficiency, and how we can work across companies towards a common goal. Expect solutions, not just products

AVK valves are a key component in agricultural practices that result in responsible water management, and we are proud of our contribution to Egypt’s sustainable development.


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