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We work towards a better, more sustainable future, where natural resources are used and managed wisely every day.

Delivering innovative AVK solutions related to water loss, pressure management, utilizing waste water as a resource and conservation of natural resources towards building a sustainable environment for all. We assist in transporting, treating and reutilizing wastewater, and in assuring safe, secure surroundings ready to battle unfortunate events of fire. 

Non-revenue water

We forget that clean water is a product, and that producing enough is a comprehensive, detailed process. And resources are scarce. By adding inadequate distribution management, we are faced with a more invisible, yet crucial problem: water loss, also referred to as non-revenue water, or NRW.

Non-revenue water is basically produced, cleaned water which is lost somewhere in the water distribution system, never reaching its destination. This means water not used or paid for, affecting local economies as well as local resources available. 

Many reasons for water losses are ranging from leakages, pipe bursts, and poor water management to illegal connections and un authorized consumption. But luckily, so are the available solutions - and their benefits.

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We deliver solutions to reduce water loss and conserve water.

Pressure Management - Smart solutions

Pressure management is considered the single most beneficial, important, and cost effective leakage management activity. Most pipe bursts occur not only because of high pressure, but rather due to ongoing pressure fluctuations forcing the pipes to continuously expand and contract, resulting in stress fractures.

Therefore, the aspiration should be to keep pressure at a minimum, without affecting the customers' needs.

The most common and cost effective method is using pressure reducing valves, reducing a high inlet pressure to a lower outlet pressure. By adding intelligence to the valves, the pressure in the zone can be adjusted according to real-time data collected at strategic points, thus adjusting to the demands. The pipe network is then protected from overload and stress, increasing the system lifetime and reducing the overall leakage rate.

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Non-revenue water

In the long run, a sustainable approach to clean water supply does not cost money – it saves money, for utilities as well as for consumers.


Smart pressure management

Water is a scarce resource that we need to protect and use with great respect.