Fire Hydrants stands victorious in Doha Waterfront - part of the beautification of the Central Doha Project.

AVK S84/14 Fire Hydrants: An Unbeatable Choice for Doha Corniche, West Bay and Beach Beautification Project

In the summer of 2020, Qatar Public Works Authority launched the beautification of central Doha & Corniche. This project provides a further face-lift to Doha through a host of infrastructure development and beautification works. Being developed in 4 phases, this project aims to make the city a ‘destination of choice’ where the needs of its people and visitors are met and memorable experiences are created by linking people to places and destinations. Spanning 7 kilometers, the Corniche surrounds Doha Bay, comprising of three main areas, the Corniche Park and Promenade, Corniche Street, and the Government zone.

The scope of work in phase 1 included the construction of road intersection and associated facilities, phase 2 included the construction of a surface water drainage tunnel and cycling & jogging tracks, phase 3 and 4 included the construction of 3 pedestrian tunnels, 3 plazas in Al Dafna, Corniche & Al Bidda Plazas, and an exhibition spaces on the Corniche with several artworks’ installations. The construction work for phase 1 was awarded to the main contracting company InfraRoad Trading & Contracting Company and UrbaCon Trading & Contracting. 

AVK hydrants available in local stock play a vital role to meet delivery time

As AVK Flow Control Team maintained a strong relationship while staying in close communication with the main contractors UCC Infra Roads, Al Jaber Engineering the project management consultant, the purchase order for 92 nos. of AVK Series 84 fire hydrants was awarded to AVK flow control in 2021 with the prerequisite to deliver the hydrants at the site in a remarkably short time. From the customer’s perspective, the coating of the hydrants was a major criterion for the selection of the hydrants to be installed in Corniche considering the harsh atmospheric conditions that these fire hydrants will have to withstand due to their proximity to the sea.

The AVK Fire Hydrants with Top Barrell with 300 microns FBE & polyester coating, stood victorious in comparison to the competition when evaluated by the project consultants for the project. As the Hydrants were already approved by the client in Qatar due to their superior quality and proven track record the job was awarded to AVK immediately. The Consultant & Client Project Approvals came through shortly after swiftly.

Fortuitously both sizes of the hydrants DN100 and DN150 required were locally available in stock, AVK flow control successfully delivered all hydrants in a variety of sizes at the site meeting customer expectations and delivering on time in Nov 2021 and April 2022. 

Product Details - AVK Armaturen Series 84/14 Fire Hydrants

  • DN 100 / PN 16 = 75 Nos
  • DN 150 / PN 16 = 17 Nos.
Today, AVK fire hydrants proudly line the Doha Corniche Jogging Tracks & Walkways, West Bay Tower Area and West Bay Beach Area welcoming walkers and joggers around the Doha waterfront promenade.