AVK completes supply of DN1800 butterfly valves in the largest (TA) project in the history of Oman LNG.

The upgrade project for two of Oman LNG’s gas trains were successfully finalized, and are now equipped with large-size butterfly valves from AVK.

Located in Qalhat near Sur on the coast of Oman, Oman LNG undertakes project operations and related activities essential to liquefy, store, transport, and market Oman's natural gas to deliver LNG familiarly known as liquefied natural gas to its local and global customers.

Oman LNG’s liquefaction plant sells its LNG and natural gas liquids (NGL) through 3 LNG plant trains with a capacity of 10.4 million tons per year contributing to diversifying the economy of Oman.

Supplying the country with LNG

In 1996, Oman LNG undertook the construction of the plant’s trains 1 and 2 in Sur, Oman. The $2500 million project included the upstream gas production facilities in central Oman and a pipeline from these facilities to Al-Ghalila, producing 6.6 million tons of LNG annually for export. Since seawater is used for cooling in the gas liquefaction process, it is drawn in through an intake structure and then discharged back to the sea again at a higher temperature. The cooling water from each train is discharged back to the sea through two weir boxes connected in series to a submerged outfall pipeline and diffuser.

The scope of work in this TA project was to replace weir boxes for trains 1 and 2. The preferred replacement option required was the construction of two new ‘dedicated’ weir boxes, (one for each of the trains), 2 x DN1800 Butterfly valves connected to each weir box, installation of 2 DN1800 butterfly valves connected to the Y-piece and a separate ’dedicated’ outfalls to the open sea.The works associated with this contract was awarded to engineering consultant Worley Oman in January 2020.

Know-how and experience beats competition

AVK Gulf provided support to the client Worley Oman starting from the front-end engineering design and budgetary stages. The initial inquiry was received in July 2020, and after several rounds of technical discussions, AVK qualified for the project in December 2020. Despite facing stiff competition from other manufacturers offering loose liner solutions at a competitive price, AVK Gulf was able to meet Worley Oman’s needs by providing a cost-effective efficient vulcanized (bonded) lined butterfly valve solution that was high-performing, long-lasting, and maintenance-free with a proven track record in supplying similar valve solutions in the region for the last 20 years.

It was Oman LNG’s top priority that two of the critical butterfly valves needed to be delivered at the site overcoming logistical challenges during the covid situation for the scheduled production line shut down in September 2021 soon after the PO was awarded to AVK on 5th Jan’2021.

The remaining 2 valves delivered in March 2022.

The success of the project was the result of several months of dedicated hard work by the AVK team, showcasing their expertise once again. Completing this project on time was considered a milestone as it marked the largest turnaround (TA) project in the history of Oman LNG, further strengthening the foundation and collaboration between AVK and Oman LNG for future mega projects.

Products supplied to the project

  • 4 Nos. Wouter Witzel concentric butterfly valves, double flanged, DN1800
    The term LNG “train” is referring to a liquefaction unit, and consists of various components to process, purify, and convert natural gas to liquefied natural gas (LNG). They are called trains due to the sequential arrangement of the equipment used to process and liquefy the gas.