AC.MO Flow Control Valves Solution in TRANSCO Water Transmission Scheme in UAE

AVK Gulf with AC.MO member of the AVK Group along delivered a high-pressure PN25 Flow Control Valve solutions to Abu Dhabi Transmission & Despatch Company (TRANSCO) for the water transmission scheme from Taweelah to Ajban,

The Abu Dhabi Transmission and Despatch Company (TRANSCO) is responsible for the construction, development, operation, and maintenance of all high-voltage power and bulk water transmission networks in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and in some other parts of the UAE too. In 2017, TRANSCO undertook the construction of the Taweelah to Ajban water transmission system in Abu Dhabi, the UAE. This scheme will maximize the utilization of the transmission facilities from Taweelah-Ajban-Sweihan to supply the Al Ain Region's increasing water requirements; primarily for the large quantity required by the Al Maha Farms.

Scope of work

Valued at US$70 M, the project includes the installation of a new pump with the same capacity (1x25.00 MIGD) at the Taweelah B pumping Station, as well as the installation of 1,35 km of new pipelines (DN1000) from the discharge header of the existing Ajban Transmission pumping station to the existing twin Sweihan Reception to the Ajban transmission lines.

Additionally, the project includes supply and installation works for a provision connection from three transmission pipelines:

  • 200 meters of new pipeline (DN1000) from the Sweihan Reception to Ajban transmission lines to the existing twin line (DN1200) to Sweihan pumping Station transmission lines.
  • 1 km of new pipeline (DN1600) from the discharge header of the existing Sweihan Transmission pumping station to the existing twin (DN1600) Fujairah Water transmission lines.
  • Replacement of the existing pipelines (DN1200) and fittings with new higher pressure rating pipelines as well as fittings for the connection of the proposed pipelines with the existing twin (DN1200) from Ajban Pumping Station to the Sweihan pumping station transmission lines by-passing Sweihan Reception.

Finally, the project also covers full replacement of the existing control system with the latest technology new SCADA system at the Taweelah B pumping station, including the integration with a Load Dispatch Center (LDC).

In October 2020, Hydropower Energy and General Construction was awarded the main contract to execute this project.

Right place at the right time

At that point of time, since AC.MO SRL was already prequalified into Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA) as an approved vendor of Flow Control Valve solutions, we were perfectly positioned to engage with the client, consultant, and contractor directly. The solution offered was to use control valves with customized cylinders to obtain preferred control conditions depending on various hydraulic parameters.This meant that every flow control valve required individual attention by selecting an optimized size, cylinder, and actuator to meet the strict requirements.

We were able to achieve the necessary flow condition to meet the stringent project requirement in a very short span of time, which proved to be the key deciding factor for the client, TRANSCO. We secured the order on April 1st, 2021, solidifying our position into TRANSCO’s robust future project pipeline. Following this, the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) was conducted at the AC.MO facilities in October 2021 online, due to the ongoing pandemic and travel restrictions. This allowed us to deliver the order as per TRANSCO’ expectations by November 2021

Supplied Products - Needle Valves

  • 1 x DN80, PN25
  • 1 x DN100, PN25
  • 4 x DN150, PN25
  • 3 x DN200, PN25
  • 2 x DN400, PN25
  • 1 x DN450, PN25
  • 1 x DN500, PN25


Needle Valve Brochure

Product information about needle valve also know as plunger valve used to control and regulate water flow and pressure.

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