The PUR coated gate valve with PE ends in Expo 2020 LPG network project

AVK delivered the PUR coated gate valves with PE ends in a 12 km long pipeline project in UAE

This year the United Arab Emirates hosts the world for 182 days, showcasing ideas and innovations from around the globe for a better and sustainable world.

Spread across an expanse of 1,038 acres, the Expo 2020 site is located between the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the Dubai South district; is the venue to create, co-operate and revolutionise.  An extensive development project was initiated for this Expo 2020 site back in 2016. Phase 2 of this project involved the construction of a 6 bar, 12 km long LPG  (liquid petroleum gas) distribution pipeline network. The scope of work included design, construction, operation, maintenance, emergency activities and communication network including high pressure gas pipelines and the LPG distribution network ending at commercial and industrial customer’s appliances in the Expo area.

The project was carried out by the contractoring company Tristar Engineering & Construction LLC, Sixco-Oriscom and Lootah BC Gas & Integrated Gas Services Co LLC awarded by the Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC). The key to winning the job was the strong relationships with both contractors and a proven track record in the region, which opened doors for the supply and testing of the ductile iron gate valves with PE tail ends (Series 555) from Donkin as well as PE ball valves from AVK Syntec. The Donkin gate valves were supplied with PUR coating which was an introduction to  the Donkin Asset Protection System for  the Emirates National Oil Company.

The primary objective of this effort was to allow our customer to continuously innovate and at the same time reduce their cost of installation, protect their underground asset, address inconsistent practice, provide a protective coating to industry standard specifications, ensure installation is suitable for adoption and last but not the least have an easy access to accurate installation records.

Cast Gate valves ruling out ductile iron gate valves:

Ensuring to keep the AVK promise: Expect solutions, not just products, Raj Nair (AVK Watecom) and Adam Tkacz (Donkin/Fusion) carried out a number of presentations with the consultant and contractor engineers primarily focused on getting the ductile iron gate valves with PE tail and PUR coating specified in the project differing from the competitors, who only offer flanged ductile iron products with epoxy paint in their solutions.

Supplied Products

  • Donkin Ductile Iron Gate Valves, 7 bar -12 PCS
  • Ball valves 7 bar -18 PCS 

A unique Polyurethane coating explicitly developed for the Gas Industry.

PUR Coating

Know more about the Donkin Asset Protection System for valves