Ensuring reliability in safe drinking water supply to millions of people

AVK China, an integral part of the two projects that contribute to enhancing the reliability of safe and clean supply of drinking water.

More and more cities are facing water shortage and a serious challenge of providing adequate freshwater to their residents. With increasing populations and long periods of drought, they are forced to innovate new ways to ensure safe and clean water supply.

Taizhou Water Diversion Project

This is also the case in the city of Taizhou, China. Here, the city is experiencing water shortage and every drought season, the lack of water has a negative impact on especially the Yuhuan and Wenling areas. Therefore, the city started the Taizhou Water Diversion Project, which includes a water intake project, a raw water transmission project, a water purification plant project, 77 km of water supply pipeline and a total investment of 3.72 billion yuan in the water distribution pipe network.

The project will greatly enhance the reliability of the water supply to the 3 million population of Taizhou. As this project required an innovative and sustainable solution, AVK China was involved. The project presented various difficulties like a remote installation site, a harsh environment, highly complex construction and difficulties in product maintenance. In response to this, high efficiency, durability, and low maintenance costs were the core considerations for the selection of the right valves. AVK China provided 36 large-diameter double eccentric butterfly valves of DN2400, which meet the highest quality standards, can withstand the harshest conditions, and ensure that the products comply with drinking water certification.The AVK double eccentric butterfly valves have several features, which all contribute to the high quality of the final solution to the customer.

First, the valves have a tilted disc design for extended service life and ease of operation. Second, AVK is a leader in rubber composite and coating technologies, both of which are critical to our products and their life span and durability.This also means that the valve disc sealing ring is processed by AVK’s unique EPDM rubber, which is certified for drinking water and has excellent resilience performance. In addition, the valve shaft seal can be replaced under pressure, which is easy to maintain. This ensures safe sealing from the inside to the outside, and effectively prevents impurities from entering. Finally, the inner and outer epoxy coatings of the valve are sprayed according to the highest standards - DIN30677-2 and GSK.

Water supply distribution network project in India

Another project with focus on ensuring clean and safe drinking water is taking place in India. Here, AVK China are involved in a water supply distribution network project where AVK Anhui have just finished the first production of S756 DN3000 valves. AVK Anhui delivers thousands of valves for projects every year, but with three metres from side to side, these enormous valves are the biggest supplied by the company to date. AVK Anhui have overseen the whole manufacturing process which includes machining, shotblasting, coating, water pressure and final assembly. The valves are now on their way to India where AVK India will be in charge of finalising the project. As with the case from China, these very big valves will be used to battle the challenge of water shortage, enhance the reliability of the water supply, and help ensure safe and clean drinking water.

Solutions – not just products

At AVK, we provide our customers with complete solutions and not just products. In that way, we ensure the highest level of quality in every single step – from the selection of the right valves to the final installation and control. We provide a broad portfolio of products, which are combined into specific solutions for each specific customer. We know that if we want to provide durable and innovative solutions, we must adopt leading technologies in every part of the product. Therefore, we are able to provide our customers with a 10-year warranty. This is possible because we are confident in the quality of our products, and because we know that our products live up to our expectations. Even better, we know that they exceed market expectations.

Health and Safety in AVK products

At AVK we are dedicated to offering our customers the highest safety possible. Our products are specialised for safe use accross demanding applications.

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