Zero discharge of harmful industrial water

AVK delivered a tailor-made solution to match various needs of an extensive water treatment project in China; resulting in a safe and stable operation of the entire system.

HBIS Group Co., Ltd (HBIS) is one of the world’s largest steelmakers, devoted to providing various industries with the most valuable steel material and service solutions. It is China’s largest supplier for home appliance steel, second largest for automotive steel and the leading supplier for nuclear power, marine engineering, bridges and construction. Listed in the Global 500 for eleven consecutive years and ranked 214th in 2019, with a yearly revenue of 354.7 billion RMB, 120,000 employees, counting 13,000 overseas employees HBIS aims to become the most competitive steel enterprise.

How the Industrial circulating water affects its surrounding

In order to greet the XXIV Olympic Winter Games and improve the environmental quality around Beijing and Tianjin city, HBIS decided to withdraw all its steel capacity from Zhangjiakou area, and implement the project of HBIS industry upgrade and Xuangang capacity transfer in Leting Economic Development Zone of Tangshan City, for which it was essential that the supporting water system achieves zero discharge of industrial circulating water.

Generally, an industrial water project is characterised by complex treatment process with high technology requirements. The construction of the water treatment centre is key throughout the entire water system project. Covering an area of more than 80,000 m2, with a treatment scale of 240,000 m3/h the scope of construction includes the water supply system, the wastewater pre-treatment system, the desalination system, a concentrated brine treatment system and supporting facilities.

Nearly 200 AVK valves are delivered to this project including metal and resilient seated gate valves, eccentric butterfly valves, double eccentric butterfly valves and swing check valves, which are mainly used in wastewater regulating tanks, high efficiency sedimentation tanks, V-filter tanks, sludge dewatering rooms and comprehensive dosing rooms.

As each customer is unique, some are served by our standard products, while others are quite complex which require customized solution. Either way, it takes dedicated expertise to choose the right solution and achieve the highest quality - all at the best price. In order to select the right solution for our customers we ensure to closely engage in the entire specification and implementation process to deliver long term cost  and time saving solutions.