AVK ORBINOX recommendation wins the Water Drainage Tunnel Project in Doha Qatar

The Abu Hamour (Mesaimeer) Water Drainage Tunnel is introduced in Doha to cope with stormwater - The state’s very first Hydraulically Operated Penstocks.

The Abu Hamour (Mesaimeer) Southern Outfall Scheme involves the construction of a storm water tunnel along the proposed F-Ring Road from Musaimeer street at an average depth of approximately 25m.The tunnel is constructed to the site of a coastal pumping station located in the New Doha International Airport and will provide main trunk surface water drainage for the majority of the southern half of Doha – an area that covers approximately 170 square kilometers.

Project in Detail

The scope of work involved the construction of a 9.5 km long and 4.5 m wide water collection tunnel, as well as the construction of 21 access shafts of various diameters and depths ranging from 15 to 30 m. The shafts will be carrying water with high concentration of chloride, sulphate and groundwater in a hot and humid environment.In June 2018, Metito Qatar was awarded the Abu Hamour New Tunnel Shaft Discharge Works, Operation & Maintenance of pumping stations project.Maintaining close cooperation with Metito, staying true to our “Expect AVK” promise and exceed customer expectations was key to winning the project. After several meetings and discussions, AVK Flow Control & Orbinox presented two of their key tailor-made innovations to Ashghal as solutions to the operation and maintenances of the pumping stations.

As per the tender project designs, Ashghal’s specifications stated the use of hydraulically operated knife gate valves. AVK’s recommended solution was to use hydraulically operated penstocks instead, each shaft with an Individual HPU, when considering the size, water heads, open/closing time, mounting location and ease of operation and maintenance.

Quick and easy operation Is key

When working with natural, unforeseeable events such as storm and rainfall, quick action is crucial. Ashghal’s key requirement was to be able to operate the valves quickly, and the fast opening and closing times of both the knife gate valves and penstocks played a pivotal role.Focused on the customer’s needs, the solution was well accepted by Ashghal.July 2019 saw the installation, delivery and commissioning of the solutions at site to a highly satisfied customer.The hydraulically operated penstocks from Orbinox were the first of its kind to be installed in Qatar.


Hydraulically operated penstocks, HPU and control unit with remote control communication system.

Products supplied

  • Shaft 11 with 2 Nos of 1800x 2500 MM Hydraulically Operated Penstocks
  • Shaft 22 with 3 Nos of 1800x1800 MM Hydraulically Operated Penstocks
  • 2 Nos. of HPUs and 1 Control Panel for each Shaft

Interesting fact

Up to 16.5 m3 of water flows through the Abu Hamour drainage tunnel every second, meaning it could drain an Olympic swimming pool in around two and a half minutes.