AVK Valves in multiple District Cooling Plants in UAE

Success story of AVK valves in multiple district cooling plants in the UAE.

District cooling has a major role to play in an energy efficient future.

Energy use for space cooling in buildings by conventional air condition has more than tripled since 1990, making space cooling the fastest growing energy use in buildings, leading to a steep increase in C02 emissions, up to 1,130 million tonnes globally — a major environmental impact.

District cooling can save around 50 percent of electricity, therefore reduce the pressure on local power grid, which in turn helps reduce power production and saves on power plant capacities. 
AVK InterApp Butterfly valves were selected for supply to several DCP’s (District Cooling Plant), Networks, ETS (Energy Transfer System) rooms during last few years.

AVK was successful in securing the contract for supply of valves to District Cooling Plant at Jumeirah Village Circle JVC build for build 49,600 TR (ton of refrigeration).

Project Details 

Jumeirah Village Circle community in the heart of new Dubai, offers the city’s large population an unusual combination of urban living in a tranquil and village setting. It is set amidst landscaped gardens and boasts of a range of amenities making it a favorite for the residents of Dubai. It is home to over 2,000 housing units and the development is fashioned as a series of villages connected by parks and canals, sports field and mosques with a mix of apartments, villas and townhouses build around green stretches of community area.

AVK Supplied to the plant included

  • Desponia Butterfly valve, Manual & Motorised, from InterApp : DN200 – DN600, PN 16, 164 pieces
  • Series 756 Motorized Butterfly valve, Anhui : DN1600, PN 16, 6 pieces2. 

Similarly AVK Valves are installed in TECOM C and Mirdiff District Cooling plants in Dubai and in Chilled water network  Masdar city , Najmat Community Al Reem Island and Dannat Abu Dhabi.

  • Size range DN200 – DN1800, PN 16 
  • Quantity - in excess of 1,200 qty. 


Down Time or unscheduled maintenance especially during peak summers is highly unpleasant to Hotels, Retailers and residents creating negative impact on daily lives and businesses. Hence AVK is a preferred manufacturer by most of the Clients in UAE considering durability and superior quality of products.