Product Seminars in Kuwait

AVK Water and Wastewater Solution to meet the needs of the local Authorities. 20-09-2017

Tailored specifically for Kuwait's Water and Wastewater Authorities (MEW, PAHW, and MPW), these seminars, conducted in collaboration with our steadfast partner, Arabi Company Kuwait, took place in October and December 2023.

The central theme of the AVK product seminar was to instill trust among our valued customers, showcasing AVK's capabilities and illustrating the potential benefits from our solutions. Emphasizing AVK's core values - Quality, Reliability, Sustainability, Customer Service, and Innovation - the seminars aimed to strengthen our local presence. This commitment includes providing 24/7 technical support and reinforcing our enduring partnership with Arabi Company Kuwait. Our efforts align with international principles for responsible business operations and contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 6 (access to clean water and sanitation), SDG 9 (developing reliable infrastructure and promoting sustainable industries), and SDG 17 (Partnerships for the Goals).

The invitation-only event for Ministry of Electricity ,Water and Renewable Energy (MEW) and Public Authority of Housing Works (PAHW) Kuwait took place at the Jumeirah Hotel Kuwait on October 31.

The Water Seminar's primary agenda involved delivering in-depth technical knowledge about AVK's water supply product range, with a focus on control valve solutions and pressure management including butterfly valves, air valves, and gate valves.

Stressing how the right non-return valve and understanding diaphragm valve sizing contribute to effective pressure management, benefiting water authorities stayed the focal point of the presentation

Over 60 attendees from the Ministry of Water and Public Authority of Housing Welfare's project, operation & maintenance departments, and consultants participated. Positive feedback underscored the event's effectiveness, highlighting engaging sessions and valuable networking opportunities during lunch.

The Wastewater Seminar, held on December 5th at the Ministry of Public Works premises, shed light on AVK's wastewater treatment product offerings. This encompassed discussions on butterfly valves, check valves, and metal-seated gate valve solutions.

Similar to the Water Seminar, this event featured product demonstrations, a Q&A session, and an on-site lunch, all aimed at familiarizing the engineers and consultants with the distinctive features of the AVK products and unique selling points in the wastewater segment compared to competitors.

Key attendees from the AVK Team included General Manager Rahees Usman, Regional Sales Manager Amr Abdo, and members from Team Arabi Company Kuwait.