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Gas Supply

  • Gas Distribution

    DIN, BS products. SAFETY is a first priority in the gas distribution network. Gas is distributed to consumers in a safe and efficient way. Leaks can be fatal. The gas distribution network must supply gas day and night and as such, the network must be operative and safe without any interruptions. AVK valves and accessories for gas are thoroughly tested and approved by leading national and international testing institutes. AVK does not compromise on quality and offers reliable products that operate faultlessly even after many years of standstill.

  • Gas Plant Work

    DIN, BS products. SAFETY is a first priority in production and treatment of gas. Gas is an energy source for production, heating or household. Common to them all are a continuous, efficient and reliable operation that will guarantee a constant flow. Products installed in a gas plant must be reliable and effective and must perform faultlessly.  

  • Gas Transmission

    DIN, BS products. SAFETY is a keyword for all products in a gas transmission pipeline, as the gas is transported across long distances under high pressure on its way to the consumers. The pressure is higher in a transmission pipeline than in a distribution network which means that the demands for functionality and tightness are higher. Even the smallest leak may have immense consequences. AVK offers a wide range of products developed with focus on safety and long service life in order to meet the strict demands from the natural gas companies with regard to operation of transmission pipelines.