Water plant work

Water for human consumption is sourced from many different locations; i.e. groundwater, surface water from lakes and rivers, and water from water reservoirs. In some parts of the world, even seawater is used after going through a desalination process.

The water must be purified before use, regardless of the source. Water from certain areas may only need filtration and aeration, whereas water from other locations may need to go through a disinfection process. Water treatment is typically carried out in a water plant, in which the valves are often equipped with either electrical or pneumatic actuators to enable remote operation and control.

AVK offers a wide range of valves and accessories designed to comply with the conditions and demands in a typical water treatment plant, including gate valves, centric and double eccentric butterfly valves, swing check valves, air valves, couplings and flange adaptors, repair clamps and valve accessories.