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Water Supply

  • Water Distribution

    DIN, BS, AWWA, AS, JIS products. When water has been treated in a water treatment plant, it will be pumped to the consumer via a wide distribution network. This network is made of different kinds of pipe material; typically ductile iron, PVC, steel or PE. A distribution network usually functions at a relatively low pressure, but water pressures may vary in a distribution system. The pressure just needs to be high enough for the water to reach the consumers living in the highest places in relation to the pumping station. In mountainous areas, the distribution net is built up in pressure zones, separated by means of pressure reducing stations, gate valves and check valves. AVK offers various types of valves, hydrants and accessories for all kinds of pipe material and operating pressure.

  • Water Plant Work

    DIN, BS, AWWA, AS, JIS products. Waterworks collect water from many different locations; i.e. groundwater (aquifers), surface water (lakes and rivers), water reservoirs and even seawater (through desalination). Regardless where the water is collected from, it must be purified before use. Water from certain areas may only require filtration and aeration whereas water from other locations may need disinfection through chlorination before use. Water treatment is typically carried out in a plant with relatively easy access to servicing valves and other equipment. The valves are often equipped with automatic controls such as electrical or pneumatic actuators which enable remote operation and control. AVK offers a wide range of valves and accessories in the correct material and with the approvals required for operation under the hard conditions of a water treatment plant.  

  • Water Transmission

    DIN, BS, AWWA, AS products. Typically water transmission pipelines are either constructed using concrete pressure pipes, ductile iron pipes, steel pipes or GRP/GRE pipes. At the lower end of the dimensional range plastic pipes (such as HDPE) may be used. There are various historical/design reasons as to why individual authorities & consulting engineers may prefer different valve designs. Some designers are more comfortable with gate valves others with butterfly valves - and within each valve category there are also more design options available. Choice of valves can also depend on project specific applications as well as availability for different pressure classes.