Introducing Sustainaible AVK Surface Boxes

Height Adjustable Surface Boxes with Reinforced Rim 21-10-2019

AVK offers a wide range of height adjustable surface boxes, which are specially designed for tarmac installation. Height adjustable surface boxes with reinforced rim ensure an extremely good support of the top part, making the surface box suitable for heavy duty application areas. Using height adjustable surface boxes enables easy and precise installation, thanks to flexible positioning of the top part. Height adjustable surface boxes save time and money when roads are renovated and prevent costly corrections after installation.

At AVK Plastics recycled materials are used in the production process, creating new products that last for decades and are recyclable. Automated injection molding process is used at the production facility of AVK Plastics, to process tones of plastics into high quality surface boxes and accessories daily. Being ISO14001 certified, AVK has committed itself to have a strong focus on continuous reduction on the environmental impact. The carbon footprint (CO2 emission) and the energy consumption of synthetic surface boxes, measured from resource to final product, is significantly smaller compared with the surface boxes made of cast iron making the AVK surface boxes ecologically sound.

Not only Synthetic surface boxes are lightweight ensuring safe and easy handling, they are maintenance and corrosion free, durable, easily accessible throughout the year, noise reducing in traffic zones and have a low carbon footprint in comparison to cast iron surface boxes.

Besides the usual assessment criteria, such as price and quality, this carbon footprint is increasingly used or required as a decision parameter, by customers who want to compare products with each other and appreciate the environmentally friendly character of synthetic surface boxes.

Why choose synthetic surface boxes?

  • Lightweight, ensuring safe and easy handling in compliance with Health and Safety Regulations.
  • Maintenance and corrosion free. Easy access throughout the year; no need to clean or grease seat to protect against corrosion or frost.
  • 100% recyclable and significantly less use of energy resources compared to production of cast iron surface boxes.
  • Various lid inscriptions/color’s available.
  • Heat resistant max. 250 ºC. 


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