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AVK Series 29/91 Clearway Underground Fire Hydrant. When every second counts - count on AVK hydrants 13-05-2019

AVK UK’s Clearway underground hydrant is the hydrant you can rely on in an emergency. 

With an unobstructed DN80 bore and autofrost valve as standard, together with optional hydrant security device and data-logger connection point, optimal reliability is guaranteed.

1. 29/10* hydrant security device:

Offers 100% hydrant protection against water loss, theft and misuse of hydrants.

2. Autofrost valve:

• Included as standard ensuring full compliance with BS750.
• Used to drain the water in the outlet to prevent freezing and build-up of stagnant water.
• Volume of water is 12ml after 4 minutes of draining

3. Unobstructed DN80 bore:

• Exceeds BS flow requirements
• Actual flow 3330 l/min @ 1.7 Bar

4. Logger connection:

Integral data-logging connection available allowing hydrant to remain operational whilst live data is obtained.

• Full AVK design and UK manufacture, with holiday free internal coating, WRAS approvals, BS 750, WIMES 8.09 compliant and Kitemark approved.

• Easy maintenance - can be maintained in-situ.

Hydrant Security Device

100% hydrant protection against water loss and theft

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Series 29/91 Hydrant

Secure, Dependable, Effective & In Stock. AVK Clearway

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