NEW! Premium100 Gate Valve

Introducing the AVK gate valve that is built to last a century! 13-09-2022

AVK Premium100 gate valves are ideal for installation in places where excavation is not an option, where long life and maximum safety is crucial beause they provide exceptional protection against corrosion and wear and tear. Protecting our natural resources and contributing to the UN sustainable development goals, by ensuring safe and reliable water supply. 

Where could they be installed?
Could be busy roads, public and tourist attraction places, or coastal locations with oil or gasoline contamination.

The main features of AVK Premium 100 gate valves

Superior corrosion protection:

  • 300 µm internal and external epoxy coating and external PUR coating
  • External PUR coating of a minimum 1.5 mm layer thickness effectively protects the valve, eliminating the risk of any corrosion and risk that electrical currents will penetrate the valve. Moreover, it also provides total protection in aggressive or polluted soils.
  • Documented pinhole free

Exceptional wear protection:

Valves designed to withstand minimum 10 times the EN1074-1 requirements to opening/closing cycles, corresponding to a minimum 25,000 under normal flow/pressure conditions. 

  • Stainless duplex steel Stem 
  • ECO BRASS DZR CW724R thrust collar and wedge nut 
  • Stainless steel A4 bonnet bolts
  • AVK’s renowned rubber compounds featuring multiple drinking water approvals ensure the highest quality level and unmatched wear and tear resistance

Full traceability

  • A unique serial number for each valve is linked to material and test records here

Renowned AVK design

  • AVK valves comply to the highest standards, and the sturdy gate valve design ensures reliability and durability. Our valves are thereby a cost-efficient solution.

AVK offers a number of different variants with flanged or PE pipe end connections.

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Premium100 gate valve

Introducing you to the AVK Premium100 gate valves, built to last a century

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