What is AVK Smart Water Solutions?

The AVK Smart Water solution is a way for utility companies to monitor the specific assets and the condition of their water distribution network. 10-11-2023

There are multiple measuring points inside the distribution network but because the assets such as valves and fittings are buried deep underground, it is difficult to know exactly how these assets are positioned, where are they located and if they are damaged or working fine.

The AVK Smart Water solution is a combination of both,

the IoT sensors and the software

The battery-operated IoT sensors collect and decode the data, and the software platform visualizes complex data and turns it into valuable insights. The IoT sensors are designed to fit AVK's core products such as gate valves, fire hydrants and AVK fittings. When installed, the sensors provide data directly from applications in the water distribution network and send the data to the dedicated software platform.

What are AVK Smart water IoT sensors?

The IoT sensors use wireless communication technology that enables them to send packages of data to the cloud and into a software platform. These IoT sensors are battery-driven devices that are flexible and easy to install. AVK Smart water IoT sensors include:

  • Pressure sensor
  • Flow sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Open/close sensor
  • Level sensor
  • Fire hydrant cap sensor
  • Valve position indicator

What does AVK Smart Water software do?

AVK Smart Water software offers a digital solution that collects and decodes data from the VIDI devices and converts it into understandable values.This solution enables you to integrate data directly into your preferred IT system or visualize it in AVK Smart Water’s own platform VIDI Cloud. With the AVK smart water solution installed across the water network, utilities are able to receive more detailed insight about points within the network that were difficult to monitor before. 

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VIDI Postioner

VIDI Positioner is valve position indicator, it provides insight by digitally monitoring the position of valve. With its open/close feature, VIDI Positioner can detect whether the valve is opened, closed, or any percentage in between.

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VIDI Cap provides insights into the use of hydrants by remotely monitoring any operation of the cap. Utilities are able to monitors any attempt to tamper with the hydrant. Additionally, it sets an immediate warning in case of a collision.

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Smart Water Monitoring Brochure

Intelligent network monitoring, enables assets to communicate directly with the operator.

AVK Smart Water Philosophy

Gain knowledge

How to improve network management with pressure sensors. Watch the VIDI positioner video.