AVK control valves – the safe choice!

We are happy to announce that we have extended our product range even further with a complete range of control valves. 06-03-2017

Control valves can help reduce water loss through leakages and contribute to efficient water supply management with reduced risk of water hammer and pipe bursts by maintaining a certain pressure, flow or level, regardless of changes in the supply network. Consequently, water utilities can avoid non-revenue water and save money by using control valves.

AVK control valves are the safe choice offering accurate regulation, easy maintenance and long durability: 

  • All non-coated metal parts of stainless steel AISI 316 as standard
  • Fusion bonded GSK approved epoxy coating (300 micron) 
  • AVK's own drinking water approved rubber compounds
  • Modular pilot system enables easy fitting to other applications without replacing the valve
  • Independent adjustment of opening/closing speed for full control
  • Parabolic plug design provides precise regulation and stability at low flow
  • Large diaphragm secures fast reaction to minor changes in pressure
  • Lifted seat prevents damage inside the valve body due to cavitation
  • AVK design and manufacture with 100% pressure test and 10-year warranty

Please refer to our datasheets for more information:

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