ACMO Smart Solutions - Remote control system for Air Valves and Automatic Control Valves

AC.MO Introduces the Remote control system for Air Valves solution and Automatic Control Valves in the region 20-09-2017

ACMO was founded in 1968 head quartered in Roncade , Italy with facilities in Milan, Empoli (Tuscany) and Rome.  ACMO serves as the competence center for the AVK Group in Smart water solutions adding digital solutions and intelligence to a long row of AVK products that are vital for a sustainable water distribution network - water distribution, water transmission, irrigation and water treatment. 

To support the vision of a sustainable future and green economy in the UAE and stay focused on leak reduction of Non-revenue water in the region AVK introduces the ACMO (A member of the AVK group) their intelligent water supply product range in the region. 

For product information on the Remote Control System for Air Valves and Automatic Control Valves visit download section .

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