AVK Air Valves

Why use an Air Valve?

Trapped air pockets in the piping system cause many problems:

  • Increased corrosion
  • Increased energy consumption and operation costs
  • Failure or inaccuracies in flow metering
  • Pressure loss or even complete flow stop delays in the filling of mains
  • Increased risk of water hammer

As a result the sudden movements of air pockets may result in a rapid change in flow velocity, leading to high pressure surges of a destructive nature.

Air valves play a very significant role in the clean water and wastewater networks.Correct air valve selection provides protection from transient pressures and entrapped air in pipelines - the main causes of bursting, collapsing, and fracturing of pipelines. These negative effects on the pipeline assets can be directly associated with reduced pipeline efficiency, premature failure and reduced whole life costs. However, sometimes the value of these valves in the system is underestimated resulting in negligence or being closed off and not allowed to do their job to protect the network and offer the efficiency gains they were planned for.

Incorrect air valves selection may also result in various performance and efficiency problems.

AVK Range of air valves are known for top performance, minimum maintenance and high durability. All ductile iron components are coated with GSK approved fusion bonded epoxy to ensure high durability. All other components are made by either a WRAS approved polymer material or stainless steel to minimize corrosion risk. All seals are made of WRAS approved EPDM rubber featuring an excellent compression set and ability to regain its original shape.

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