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AVK is a leading supplier of hydrants and fittings for water supply and fire protection, and we have a long tradition of producing high-quality hydrants. Our development and production of hydrants benefit from the many years of experience and the development process has always been focused on the needs of our customers and the increasing market demands.Our product range consists of a variety of UL/FM approved hydrants, above-ground hydrants and underground hydrants that complies with international standards.

Types of Hydrants

Dry Barrel Fire Hydrants

Dry Barrel Hydrants are primarily designed for areas where the water main is located below the ground zones. They are UL listed and FM approved for fire protection applications and they meet or exceed AWWA C-502. They are rated for a working pressure of 17.2 bar (250 PSI), and they are designed for high performance, easy repair and minimum end user costs for labor and inventory.

AVK dry barrel hydrants are designed with a breakable flange and a stem rod coupling which prevent leaking and enable easy repair at traffic knock down. The hydrant’s main valve has a ductile iron core which is fully encapsulated in EPDM rubber. The nozzle section can be rotated 360 degrees. The upper section of the hydrant is repairable under pressure.The dry barrel hydrant has two drain outlets located just above the water main level. The main valve disc is designed with the purpose of flushing the drain channels for soil and other impurities during opening, as these impurities could lead to damage of the main valve disc. Furthermore, the barrel will drain the water through the drain holes in the base when the hydrant is closed after service.

Wet Barrel Fire Hydrants

Wet barrel fire hydrants are designed for non-frost areas. AVK wet barrel hydrants is easy to maintain and are rated for a working pressure of 13.7 bar (200 PSI). They are UL listed and FM approved, and meet or exceed the requirements of AWWA C503.

AVK's wet barrel hydrant is designed with the shut-off device directly at the outflow nozzle for hose or pumper connection. This means that the hydrant is constantly filled with water and thus under pressure. The hydrant is mounted directly on the water main, giving full water pressure instantaneously when needed. AVK wet barrel hydrants are available with a breakable flange to enable easy repair at traffic knock down.

Wet Barrel Hydrant with Bi-Directional Check Valve

The AVK FlowGuard II™, bi-directional check valve,is designed with safety in mind. In the event of a traffic accident, the ball will rise to seal off the flow from the main line. A small stream of water is allowed to flow, reducing possible water hammer and indicating the hydrant has been damaged. Know more about the Series 24 Flow Guard II

Underground Fire Hydrant

AVK underground hydrants are smooth-running and practically maintenance-free. The premier product in the program is the highly innovative through-bore hydrant which is kitemarked to BS 750:2012 standard. This design retains all the operational features of a type 2 squat hydrant, however its straight-flow design has more than doubled the flow- rate at the outlet.Suitable for use with water and neutral liquids, to a maximum temperature of 70°C. This design also allows the easy introduction and retrieval of pipeline maintenance and repair devices, and the fast and effective use of water supply continuity equipment in the event of an incident such as a pipe burst

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