Wet Barrel Fire Hydrant

With Bi-Directional Check Valve

UL Listed and FM Approved

The Series 24 Wet barrel hydrant is designed to be easy to maintain, enabling one person to perform routine repairs and maintenance.

It is designed with the shut-off device directly at the outflow nozzle for hose or pumper connection, this means that the hydrant is constantly filled with water and therefore under pressure and is mounted directly on the water main, giving full water pressure instantaneously when needed .

Only after 1/8 turn on the stem water starts to flow, and after 12 turns only the full flow capacity can be utilized.


  • Exceeds AWWA or C503 standards
  • Rated to 300 PSI
  • AWWA 350 psi rating available upon request
  • High flow and low head loss
  • Each stem is sealed with dual O-rings
  • Easily replaceable nozzle and valve assemblies
  • Valve discs are encapsulated in NBR rubber for long life
  • Replaceable cast iron “dummy nuts” for extra stem protection
  • Ductile iron body with fusion bonded epoxy coatings inside and outside with top layer of UV resistance
  • Available with bronze caps and dummy nuts

For service and maintenance purposes we recommend installing an isolating gate valve on the upstream side.

Bi-direction Check Valve-Flow Guard II

The AVK Flow Guard II™ Bi-directional check valve, is designed with safety in mind.

In the event of a traffic accident, the ball will rise to seal off the flow from the main line. A small stream of water is allowed to flow, reducing possible water hammer and indicating the hydrant has been damaged.


  • With the hydrant in the closed position, the ball settles in the reverse direction, preventing back-flow or cross contamination
  • Low head loss
  • 6” ANSI flange inlet with 8 holes (available with 6” AWWA flange inlet with 6 holes)
  • EPDM encapsulated ductile iron ball.
  • Stainless steel lower seat ring
  • Stainless steel upper retainer cage
  • All O-ring seals
  • UV protection fusion bonded epoxy coating 
  • Check valve break flange is easily replaceable