AVK Anhui live factory tour for FEWA

Bridging distance, facilitating the first of its kind factory tour and audit live on microsoft teams. 28-01-2021

Offering a factory tour is a great way of building and maintaining partnership, especially regarding complex products and projects. The global situation still encourages us to think in alternatives, which led to our region’s first virtual factory tour – and most likely, not the last.

While adapting to the new normal following the pandemic, and still performing social distancing, AVK Gulf and AVK Anhui organised a virtual factory tour and audit for their guests from FEWA, the Federal Electricity and Water Authority.

During the two-day online programme, which was held on July 27-28th , our cameras took a tour around the large valve factory in Anhui to illustrate our state of the art manufacturing technologies and concepts applied in the production of large bore, high pressure butterfly and gate valves.

The tour enabled the guests to explore our facilities in China as if they were standing on the factory floor, while being guided and informed from the AVK team.

Besides being the first of its kind, the tour was unique with regards to the audience as well; usually, only the key decision makers from the potential partner or client  would take the long journey to visit our factory in China, where they can experience the processes behind making our products, and how they go through stringent quality control and testing. This time, not only key decision makers but almost 50 members joined in, counting people from various departments of the authorities to be a part of the audit process, there were now no boundaries to how many could participate or take the time to travel all the way to the factory. Following the factory tour a video presentation of AVK sealing, casting and small size valve manufacturing facilities was also made.

The overwhelming response to the 2 days event has led to similar initiatives in the future already requested.

AVK Anhui -The Live Big Valve factory Tour

Bridging distances - Offering the live factory tour of our AVK Anhui facility to FEWA.

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