AVK Participates in the Iftar dinner hosted by Trade Council of Denmark in Dubai

Iftar dinner hosted by Trade Council of Denmark and AVK 10-06-2019

Sustainability, circular economy, water reuse & minimization of water losses, energy efficiency and green building are of high importance and offer great business opportunities. This was the clear message at the yearly sustainable iftar dinner hosted in collaboration with State of Green Denmark, The Danish Water Efficiency Alliance and The Danish Green Building & Retrofitting alliance.   

Executive Director at State of Green Denmark Mr. Finn M. highlighted the fact that the challenges are global but if countries like UAE and Denmark work together can make great differences and create sustainable business opportunities.This became clear in the presentation from Ramboll on building sustainable and from Adam Vilhelm Mørkeberg from NIRAS on reducing water losses. AVK showcased the control valve, smart solutions and how  AVK products reduce water loss, electricity consumption and CO2 emissions in production facilities all over the world and are financially tenable.

In the spirit of Ramadan all enjoyed discussing the opportunities ahead and new ways of cooperation. The presence of 140 high profile guests made this iftar special and very successful.
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